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Bring us your professional expertise and hiring experience. We'll show you how you can help us make a difference and expand your network along the way.

Who volunteers at the Career Center?

We invite Bay Area professionals, local service providers, especially corporate groups, to participate in volunteer activities. Past groups have included LinkedIn, Jobvite, Google, VMWare, Facebook and more. How will you help? 

We invite Bay Area professionals to help in a variety of ways: 

  • Mock interviews/resume reviews: You can help someone find their next job through a constructive, transformative feedback session. Organize a group of coworkers to join you!
  • Guest speaking: Share your career path, industry expertise and/or hiring tips with Career Center job seekers pursuing careers in healthcare, financial services, hospitality, culinary, business administration, and technology just to name few. 
  • Mentoring: By volunteering as mentors, Career Center members who are job seekers or newly employed, will have an opportunity to benefit from your personal growth and experience in the working world. Mentors give advice and support mentees with their job search as they acquire deeper insight into the career of their choice.
  • Fund a Workshop or Seminar: The Career Center provides as many opportunities as possible to help support the career advancement of residents. Your financial support will allow the Career Center to bring in quality facilitators to conduct workshops and seminars on relevant issues in today’s job market.

Learn about how the Career Center can help you meet your business needs

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