How To Market Yourself

How To Market Yourself

Develop that "elevator speech" that highlights your special qualities, skills and abilities you possess. Learn to speak with confidence and promote yourself. Great tool to impress employers in interviews.

15 Steps to Marketing Yourself

1) What is your unique value proposition?
a. What makes you different than your peers -- your strengths, your passions, and your goals?
b. How would your former colleagues describe you?

2) How others see you
a. Adjectives they would use to describe you.
b. Strengths and Weaknesses
c. Areas you excel

3) Identify your goals

a. Six months, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years
b. What is the message you want to craft to help you reach them?

4) Identify your target audience
a. To whom do you want to send your message
b. What place(s) would like to receive your message?

5) Reorganize your priorities
a. You have loyalty to groups-what loyalty do you have to yourself.

6) Pay attention to the details
a. Understand your brand
b. Manage your brand

7) Update your resume
a. Does it align with your brand?
b. Does it accurately define who you are?

8) Become a social networker
a. Set up accounts get subscribers
b. Strategies for keeping your account fresh.
c. Are updates germane to your brand?

9) Build your own Social Media Presence
a. Social Media to highlight accomplishments and skills-how do they add value
b. Who is priority?

10) Blogging
a. Promote self to your target audience.
b. Commit to a couple of postings

11) Get published

12) Go offline

13) Personally promote your brand
a. In person promote your brand (groups, meet-ups, etc.)

14) Tend to your marketing network
a. Maintain updates
b. Use marketing tools

15) Review your brand (and how you portray it) frequently
a. Is your brand concise, clear and consistent with messaging?

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