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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the East Palo Alto Career Center Located?

The East Palo Alto Career Center is located at 2100 University Avenue on the corner of University and Donahue Avenue. The facility is located in a development known as University Square. The primary tenant in the building is Amazon.

How was JobTrain identified as the organization that would operate the Job Center?

The City and the Sobrato Organization approached JobTrain to ask if they would run the East Palo Alto Career Center, and JobTrain agreed.

Is the Career Center open to anyone?

Service priority will be given to residents of East Palo Alto; however, the broader public will be provided referrals to programs and services to support their needs.

From where does the funding come to staff and operate the Career Center?

In an agreement with the City, the Sobrato Organization will incur the cost of supplying the 1500 square foot facility space and 1 full time Employment Specialist through the year 2027.

JobTrain is located in Menlo Park, how do they plan to serve the unique population of East Palo Alto?

JobTrain has had a long history of serving the people of East Palo Alto and surrounding communities and since this is their traditional work, they believe that much good could come from their effort at the location in the heart if East Palo Alto.

How does JobTrain plan on providing employment services to the East Palo Alto community and referral to other outside of the community with 1 full time Employment Specialist?

JobTrain will begin the project with the allocated staff and should they find the need is greater they will work with city officials to identify opportunities to increase the staff dedicated to providing programs and services offered at the East Palo Alto Career Center.

Will the East Palo Career Center facility be available for community use?

The Career Center is a community resource. JobTrain will be flexible with operating hours and will coordinate and schedule opportunities for facility use in support of the needs of the community and aligned with the purpose of the facility—to create opportunities for workforce development, resource referral, training and employer support.

What are some of the support programs offered to those who visit the Career Center?

Mentorship opportunities, resume coaching and application completion, higher education and training counseling and referrals, entrepreneurship and financing training, paid internships options and veterans services and supports.

What are some of the skills building trainings offered to those who visit the Career Center?

Technical and computer training, communication and acing the interviewing, selling yourself and your skills to employers, computer literacy, computer languages (coding), on-site training by local technology companies and training delivered in English and Spanish.

How will the Career Center and JobTrain assure that the programs, services and supports offered to employees and employers align with the workforce needs?

Because the East Palo Alto Career Center's success depends on the relationship with employers, a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has been established to give advice to JobTrain on community program and service needs.  The TAC is also instrumental in connecting JobTrain with the business community and employment opportunities for East Palo Alto residents.

Is the Career Center a placement agency?                     

No. A placement agency would find and guarantee jobs for their clients. The Career Center works with employers to develop a relationship with them and then connect individuals with position required skills with the employment information and contact for initiating the application process. Our clients secure lasting employment through their own efforts (and with our help!)

How do I give feedback on the Career Center's services?

We rely on feedback to shape the programs and services offered. Comments should be sent to Art Taylor, facility director at info@epacareercenter.org . Should a problem or misunderstanding arise, please discuss it with Art Taylor.  Art can be contacted at ataylor@jobtrainworks.org

What is underemployed?

The definition of underemployed is someone who lost their job during or after the recent recession and have obtained only episodic, short-term, or part-time employment but have not yet reconnected with a full-time job commensurate with the individual's level of education, skills, and previous wage or salary earned prior to the individual's loss of permanent employment.